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Tips on catching better... zzzzzzz


Sleeping woman


27 February 2013


We are never short of excuses to justify our sluggish attempt at working out– too much drinking, too full, too hungry, too tired…the list goes on. But what’s the most common reason holding you back from having the best workout ever? A bad night’s sleep. 25% of the UK population suffers from some form of sleep disorder, which means there are quite a few sleepyheads out there not functioning to their full potential. We have a few tips this week which should help you get that great night’s sleep you’re in desperate need of.

1. Ban the use of laptops, phones, iPads and TV before bed.

This is something 99% of us are guilty of and it is a serious disrupter of sleep. The more our brains process images from our personal handheld devices the longer it will take for our brains to “switch off”. So make it a household rule – ban the use of all electronic devices one hour before bed. Not easy to do especially if you’re like us and constantly need to be working or doing something. If you are antsy before bed and need that extra something to do, then reading a book is a good alternative.

2. Schedule your sleep for the same time – every day.

We are great at scheduling meetings, hangout sessions and play dates with our kids; why can’t we schedule our sleep? This is a hard one to tackle every day, especially for busy professionals or people with young families – but it is key. And by “every day” we mean every day – weekends, holidays and days off inclusive. Make it a priority.

3. Go easy on the caffeine during the day and alcohol and night

Cup of coffee in the morning = not a problem.  Cup of coffee in the late-afternoon/evening = bad idea. Ingesting stimulants like coffee, sugar and alcohol should always be done in moderation, especially towards the late-afternoon/evening. And although alcohol does make you feel relaxed and sleepy, it can massively disrupt your sleep. So in the evening put down that nightcap and go for a small cup of caffeine-free herbal tea instead.

4. Get active during the day

You hear us preach this day-in and day-out but we do it because we love you: a proper exercise regime will do you wonders. Exercise helps in a variety of capacities, and can promote healthy sleep. But be strategic with what time you exercise – exercising too close to bedtime may leave you too energetic to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation can have terrible long-term effects on your body and mind, so make your sleep a priority. And always seek professional medical advice if your sleep issues continue.

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Benefits of Kickboxing for Women


Kickboxing woman


20 February 2013


Ladies, think kickboxing is too rough and un-ladylike? Think again! For women, kickboxing is the ultimate total-body workout.  It strengthens, tones and reduces fat – and all in one go.  Kickboxing also improves flexibility, coordination and gets your cardiovascular fitness levels in tip-top shape. Kickboxing quite literally kicks your butt into shape. There are plenty of reasons why both men and women should add kickboxing into their workout mix.  But today, ladies – this list is dedicated to you.

It’s the “Total Package” workout: 
Kickboxing engages the entire body, not just the usual target areas. This combination of martial arts techniques and heart-pounding, calorie-burning cardio will turn any “jiggly bits” into sculpted perfection.

One of the more well-known facts about kickboxing is that it can be used as a form of self-defence.  After a few classes you’ll gain confidence in your punching, kicking as well as bobbing and weaving skills. With the techniques you pick up from your kick boxing class you’ll be well-equipped and empowered knowing that you can defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

Promotes relaxation: 
Get that extra endorphin kick you’re in desperate need of with a kickboxing workout. Can you think of a better way to work though the day’s frustration than punching and kicking? We didn’t think so.

Works on your outside beauty – and as well as your beauty within! 
There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a challenging workout.  After a session of intense kickboxing working your entire body, you’re guaranteed to feel more confident which will help you truly appreciate the awesomeness of *you*.

Now, are you convinced this isn’t just for men?  So get off your rear and start kicking some serious behind.

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The Buddy System


Workout couple


13 February 2013


With Valentine’s Day looming, have you noticed everyone and everything pairing-up these days?  We’re all about strong, independent people here at the MOOSE but sometimes we do think there is strength in numbers. Especially in winter, when we'd much rather be curled up underneath the duvet waiting for spring instead of working out and battling the elements outside. If you’re in need of that extra little shove to get you out and exercising, then a workout buddy is your solution. Here are a few reasons why you need a workout buddy in your life:

1. Time will fly by.

How is it our lives seem to speed past quicker than Usain Bolt but when it comes to working out, time...just....drags...? We guarantee if you exercise with a friend, your workout will whizz past you in a blink. And on a good day you won’t want to stop. 

2. You're less likely to bail.

Did work drag on longer than you were expecting? Or does a glass of wine with a friend have more appeal than a run to de-stress? It’s easy to reschedule again & again your own workout when our professional or personal lives gets in the way. But when someone else's workout depends on you, you will be less likely cancel or search for excuses.

3. Catch up on all the goss.

The social aspect of a workout buddy should be more than enough reason to get you out there and active!  We hardly get to spend enough time with our friends anyway, so why not swap your usual hang-outs for a run in Hyde Park?

Don’t get left sitting on the side lines alone!  Get up, get active and go find yourself a workout buddy.

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Make your Workout a Good Habit – Part Two


6 February 2013


Between our work, families and relationships we can come up with hundreds of reasons not to stick to our workout regimes. In the second and final part in our blog series we explore simple solutions and motivations to help you lose the excuses and get you active and moving around.

1. Find a workout buddy

We will explore this further in our next blog, but it’s worth giving a quick shout out to the beloved workout buddy. Our busy lives keep us away from the people we care about most; why not recruit one of them as a workout companion?  Gossip, joke and laugh together while helping each other reach your fitness goals. Matching workout outfits are optional.

2. Use it as a pick-me-up

Do you know what's a healthier alternative to those lattes you use to stay awake? A workout in the fresh air!  Breathing deeply and filling your lungs with fresh oxygen is an effective (and free!) way to give you an energy boost. If you make your workout a priority, you'll start craving a run instead of that morning latte or midday Kit Kat.

3. Treat yourself

Daily life put our minds through a lot of stress, disappointment and anxiety.  So come on, give yourself a break! Set realistic goals and once you achieve them, treat yourself.  Book flights to visit your friend in Barcelona, go on a mini shopping spree in Sweaty Betty or top up your account with 20 tokens to train with the MOOSE.  Achieve your goals = reward.  Easy.

SO. Feel ready to give this whole workout routine a go? Stick to our advice and trust us, your body and mind will LOVE YOU.

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