Spring Fitness Tips...




3 April 2013


The sun has finally made an appearance! In the last post, we talked about the benefits of outdoors exercise, and now is the time to break away from that boring gym routine and reignite your motivation.

A spring fitness plan might be a challenge if you have been indoors for a few months and struggled to haul yourself off the couch. You have a better chance of reaching your fitness goals if you start slowly, choose enjoyable activities and increase your activity as your fitness level improves.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Be realistic. If you have taken a step back in your fitness regime over winter, don’t try and do an hour of cardio, six days a week. You’ll only get frustrated and will be more likely to give up on your routine. Set realistic goals that will build you up to your desired level of fitness.
  • Bring your regular gym workout outdoors. One fun way to freshen up your exercise routine is to take your typical workout outside. Treadmill runner? Hit the river path or park for your jog. Class regular? Look for outdoor classes in London Parks. Try to set a goal to take your workout outdoors at least once a week – a change of scenery will do wonders for your motivation.
  • Train and sign up for a race or an event. Spring is the ideal time to train for an event. There are a lot of summer events to take part in whether you’re a walker, runner, cyclist or looking for something even more challenging like the Tough Mudder. Adding positive goals to your fitness routine will give you an added reason to get fit besides losing weight, and it’s great fun and an accomplishment to complete a challenge.
  • Spring clean your pantry. Throw away foods with low nutritional value, like chocolate (yes, even that sixth Easter egg you’ve been hiding), chips, sugary cereals etc. Load up on low GI, healthy foods that will give you energy and help you stick to your workout routine and fitness goals.



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