Healthy Habits: the "Change One Thing Challenge"

Healthy Habits Photo



22 May 2013


Here at Moose X-Training, we’ve been thinking about our daily routines, our habits, all those pieces of our day that make up the way we live our lives.  You know… how we get to work, when we exercise, the food we eat, whether we push a trolley or carry a basket, and the snacks we subconsciously grab.  We realized a lot of these actions we do out of habit; we run on auto-pilot.


Now it might seem pretty unimportant: taking the stairs or the lift tomorrow isn’t exactly going to be a life changing decision! But, when you see all the parts as a whole it becomes clear that the micro-decisions we make could have a big impact on the way we feel and the way we live.  Going on a health kick doesn’t need to mean tripling your workouts or throwing out everything but lettuce in the fridge. It could be as simple as replacing one thing and committing to it.   


We listed all of our daily actions and tried to work out how many we do because we actively want to and which ones we do simply out of habit.  We invite you to do the same. 


Here’s a list of actions we’re going to be more proactive about… and hopefully a little inspiration for you as well. 


  • Take a multi-vitamin once a day
  • Go Veggie/Caffeine free/Alcohol free one day a week
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalators/lift (a serious challenge on the tube commute….and my personal favorite!)
  • Exercise in the morning
  • Walk to work (or maybe just through a park on the way)
  • Use a basket instead of a trolley
  • Snack on raisins and nuts instead of chocolate
  • Don’t add salt
  • Try something new
  • Smile more
  • Sit up straight
  • Wake up to music
  • Try to get one more hour sleep per night


Furthermore studies have shown that increasing your exercise is proven to enhance your ability to form positive habits.  So, go for a run, take a walk, or go for a bike ride.  At the very least, get yourself to the gym.  And, if you just can’t commit to any of those, call on the MOOSE who will bring personal training to you…where you want it, when you want.  No more excuses!