Boxing for women? For healthy spirit and a healthy body!

woman boxer in suit

5 June 2013


Lots of people think that boxing is exclusively reserved for strong and muscular men! Wrong! Nowadays more and more women box, and the Olympic Games of London in 2012 proved it by establishing the first female boxing event.


No longer is boxing considered purely a “fighting” sport.  In fact, it is a complete sport, which is good for the body as well as for the spirit. To feel beautiful women have to believe in their body and to love themselves! Boxing offers various benefits for women. For example, besides sculpting a toned body, boxing provides better balance, improved reflex speed and increased flexibility. Because boxing is one of the most physical sports, it burns 800 calories per hour, whereas swimming can hardly compete at 400 calories per hour! It is THE sport which works the entire body:  arms, legs, abs, bums, you name it! No muscle is spared. Moreover, boxing also strengthens the cardiovascular system; one builds endurance by constantly moving.


Aside from its physical benefits, boxing also has very positive effects on the mind. Boxing develops one’s self control and in turn yields more self-confidence.  It is an excellent means to learn to manage fear, stress or anxiety… not to mention the excellent outlet it provides for relieving that day’s tension and frustration.


Be good to your body.  Be good to your mind.  Give boxing a go.