Time to control 'bad' snacking

We all probably snack more than we realise. It's so easy to grab a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar if we are hungry rather than reaching for something healthier. If the snacks are there, we eat them, so first and foremost, you need to recognise what your snacking temptations are by asking yourself these questions:

- What is your favourite unhealthy snack?
- What is so good about it?
- How do you feel after eating it?
- Now, what is your favourite healthy snack?
- What do you love about it and how does it make you feel?

One way to avoid "bad" snacking is to always have healthy options to hand. Think about what will give you the most energy and will make you feel good. This could be anything from nuts, fruits to raw veggies with houmous or nut butter. It is these snacks that will give you the little boost you need and not the highly processed candy bar or sugar-laden pastries! 

Here are some simple steps to apply to your daily routine to keep your snacking an enjoyable experience:

1. Stay hydrated - Often when you feel the need to snack it is more to do with being thirsty. Drink a tall glass of water (add lemon for some flavour) and see how you feel afterwards. If you are still hungry grab a piece of fruit and a handful of almonds.

2. Relax - Unhealthy eating often happens when we're stressed out or rushing from one event to another. Sit down and take a minute to do some deep breathing exercises.

3. Chew - This is an important practice that most people forget to do. When you pick out the snack to eat, sit down and chew it properly.

And finally, here are some healthy snacks that are easy to have to hand:
Nuts, fresh cut veggies, fruit, rice cakes or dates with almond butter, smoothies or juices from the health store (or make your own), coconut yogurt, chia pods, fresh turkey with swiss cheese roll ups, hard boiled eggs, avocado on rice cake, Love Raw bars.

Happy Snacking!