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The MOOSE Beach Workout


24 July 2013


You’ve worked hard all year.  You’re exhausted!  Basking in the sun on a sandy beach with glittering blue water sounds pretty perfect….until you get there.  And then you’re bored.  Right?  Here are 10 simple exercises to get you feeling fit and looking fab… and entertained.  Come on now, earn that ice cold beer you are craving for lunch.


1. Warm Up Run:  Start with a 25 minute run along the water’s edge where the sand is more compact. This is not easy, so cut it down to 10 minutes if you’ve reached your limit.  And, remember to stay hydrated!


Run on the Sand

2. Sumo Squats: 
Standing up straight, head up, shoulders back, legs wide apart, slowly squat down until your knees are just over your big toe. At this point slowly come up to starting position. 14 reps.


Sumo Squats


3. Press-ups: Feet on the ground with your hands on the second step. Keeping your abs tight and head down, slowly bend your elbows until you are two inches from the ground. Then slowly pressup into starting position. 14 reps.  


Press Ups on Steps


4. Step-ups: Find a bench. Place your left foot on the bench while your head is held up and shoulders are back. While you are lifting your body up to the forward (left) leg, the back (right) leg will lift up into a knee raise. Slowly lower your right foot back to the ground, switch and repeat on the opposite leg. 10 reps on each leg.

Step Ups


5. Walking Lunges: Take a long stride forward with your left leg; at the same time slowly bend your right leg until the right knee is about to overtake the left knee. At this point take a long stride forward with your right leg and repeat the exercise (in a walking motion). 10 strides.

Tricep Dips


6. Triceps Dips: Hands are placed on the bench, shoulder width apart, legs are placed forward with the knee bent. Lower yourself down, keeping your elbows tucked in until your glutes are five inches from the ground. At this point slowly lift yourself back up into starting position. 12 reps.

Triceps dips


7. Plank: Facing face down, keeping your elbows under the shoulder joint, lift your body up from the elbow to the tip of your toes. Every other part of your body is off the floor, keeping the abs tucked in nice and tight and your head in a neutral position. Hold this position for 45 seconds and slowly relax back to flat floor position. 45 seconds.



8. V Sit Up: Laying back down with your whole body flat, slowly lift your legs off the floor and then the upper body until you form a V-shape in this position. Slowly lower your body back to flat position. PLEASE NOTE: if you have a weak lower back, please miss this out. 12 reps.

V Sits


9. Crunch: Laying flat down on your back, with your knees bent and feet on the floor, place your hands crossed over your chest and slowly lift up five inches from the ground. Slowly lower your body back to the floor. 20 reps.



10. Rest and repeat all exercises again.


Do all the exercises in a circuit format; so you do one set of each exercise, then repeat two more times. Try it three to four times per week, always warm up before you start and stretch after each workout. Just think how you’ll be the envy of all of your friends when you return to work – relaxed, tanned, AND trim!


The “French Diet” is good. Getting exercise is better.


17 July 2013


For several years, the diet conscious have been intrigued by the "French Paradox": How is it that the French can indulge in cheeses, pastries, and all those rich sauces and yet stay so thin? Yes indeed, the French are gastronomy lovers! They love their food… buying it, preparing it, and most of all, eating it, particularly with friends and family… with the perfect accompaniment of wine of course.  And, in spite of all of this eating and drinking, the French still manage to be slim and to look great.  Is this all too good to be true? 


Well, perhaps it is.  You see, we often forget that the French practice moderation.  It may seem like they eat fat laden foods endlessly, but they only have a little bit at a time.  Portion sizes are small.  Whereas many of us may consider chips, cakes, and chocolate a treat, or worse as a means to indulge or as a source of comfort, the French rarely do so.  They eat for the right reason; they eat to satiate hunger.  And, because the food is delicious, it is also satisfying. In turn, they rarely overeat; they are not gluttons. 


Furthermore, the French are also keen sportsmen.  While gyms are less ubiquitous in France than in the UK, the French still manage to incorporate a lot of exercise into their daily lives, whether it be playing a game of tennis, going for a bike ride, joining a football match, or just walking from place to place.  To exercise, casually or competitively, is to be healthy.  It is the best way to achieve the body that you want and to feel good in it, not to mention to enjoy the icing on the cake, ie the endorphin highs that exercise yields.  Best of all, you can eat what you want…in moderation…and not feel guilty about it. 


So, yes, you can have your cake and eat it too…but just one slice… and don’t forget to throw in some fitness for good measure too!



Boxing for women? For healthy spirit and a healthy body!

woman boxer in suit

5 June 2013


Lots of people think that boxing is exclusively reserved for strong and muscular men! Wrong! Nowadays more and more women box, and the Olympic Games of London in 2012 proved it by establishing the first female boxing event.


No longer is boxing considered purely a “fighting” sport.  In fact, it is a complete sport, which is good for the body as well as for the spirit. To feel beautiful women have to believe in their body and to love themselves! Boxing offers various benefits for women. For example, besides sculpting a toned body, boxing provides better balance, improved reflex speed and increased flexibility. Because boxing is one of the most physical sports, it burns 800 calories per hour, whereas swimming can hardly compete at 400 calories per hour! It is THE sport which works the entire body:  arms, legs, abs, bums, you name it! No muscle is spared. Moreover, boxing also strengthens the cardiovascular system; one builds endurance by constantly moving.


Aside from its physical benefits, boxing also has very positive effects on the mind. Boxing develops one’s self control and in turn yields more self-confidence.  It is an excellent means to learn to manage fear, stress or anxiety… not to mention the excellent outlet it provides for relieving that day’s tension and frustration.


Be good to your body.  Be good to your mind.  Give boxing a go.



Healthy Habits: the "Change One Thing Challenge"

Healthy Habits Photo



22 May 2013


Here at Moose X-Training, we’ve been thinking about our daily routines, our habits, all those pieces of our day that make up the way we live our lives.  You know… how we get to work, when we exercise, the food we eat, whether we push a trolley or carry a basket, and the snacks we subconsciously grab.  We realized a lot of these actions we do out of habit; we run on auto-pilot.


Now it might seem pretty unimportant: taking the stairs or the lift tomorrow isn’t exactly going to be a life changing decision! But, when you see all the parts as a whole it becomes clear that the micro-decisions we make could have a big impact on the way we feel and the way we live.  Going on a health kick doesn’t need to mean tripling your workouts or throwing out everything but lettuce in the fridge. It could be as simple as replacing one thing and committing to it.   


We listed all of our daily actions and tried to work out how many we do because we actively want to and which ones we do simply out of habit.  We invite you to do the same. 


Here’s a list of actions we’re going to be more proactive about… and hopefully a little inspiration for you as well. 


  • Take a multi-vitamin once a day
  • Go Veggie/Caffeine free/Alcohol free one day a week
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalators/lift (a serious challenge on the tube commute….and my personal favorite!)
  • Exercise in the morning
  • Walk to work (or maybe just through a park on the way)
  • Use a basket instead of a trolley
  • Snack on raisins and nuts instead of chocolate
  • Don’t add salt
  • Try something new
  • Smile more
  • Sit up straight
  • Wake up to music
  • Try to get one more hour sleep per night


Furthermore studies have shown that increasing your exercise is proven to enhance your ability to form positive habits.  So, go for a run, take a walk, or go for a bike ride.  At the very least, get yourself to the gym.  And, if you just can’t commit to any of those, call on the MOOSE who will bring personal training to you…where you want it, when you want.  No more excuses!





HULA HOOPING...fun and effective?!?


8 May 2013


So we already spoke a little bit about the benefits of kickboxing for Ladies, and how it is definitely not an exercise that us girls should feel excluded from.  Aside from the stress busting and tension relieving aspect of literally punching away your daily problems, a main reason that kickboxing is such an incredible form of exercise for your body is because it forces you to use it differently. It brings a spiced up variety of moves into your exercise regime and ignites strength in places in your body that you didn’t even know existed!


Well the MOOSE has been doing a little digging and has found a number of other ways to mix up your workouts and reach those niggling target areas that keep stubbornly evading even your best efforts to tighten them up! Often it isn’t lack of effort or workouts that are holding you back from the body you want, it is just the lack of variety that allows your muscles to become lazy.  We are going to be talking about a few of these in the weeks to come: so watch this space. But for today, we are going to focus on a new craze that is sweeping the nation and rightly so because it is a fun, calming, energizing, therapeutic and toning masterpiece of a sport that some of the MOOSE family just cannot get enough of -HULA HOOPING!


Just like kickboxing is most certainly not only for boys, hooping is definitely not to be overlooked as just ‘for kids’. Hooping tones nearly every bit of your body and really cinches your waist. Not only does it work nearly every muscle in you’ve got, as it spins round your body the contact of the hoop is great for boosting circulation and actually increases your metabolism.


As if that wasn’t enough here are 6 reasons to get hooping now.


  1. Increases flexibility, especially in the back.  Due to the constant pivoting and small adjustment of the spine and surrounding muscles it hugely boosts the movement of your spine and reduces the chances of back pain and injury.
  2. Burns fat.  As hooping engages some of the biggest muscles in your body it activates the burning of large fat stores.
  3. It is fun. Really…it is seriously fun.  It doesn’t feel like exercise and definitely doesn’t feel like a chore, so it relieves stress and transforms your body in turn enhancing your mood and seriously boosting your energy levels without it feeling like an effort!!
  4. Increase your fitness level.  As it is easy for people of all fitness levels to do hooping is an amazing way to increase fitness. Studies have shown that an hour of hooping can burn just as many calories as a more intense aerobic exercise such as the treadmill.
  5. Total body workout.  Not only does it strengthen your core muscles but it also tones up your arms, thighs, glutes, hips and abdomen.
  6. It is individual.  Unlike other exercises where you follow strict patterns or routines, hooping becomes an individual and expressive activity. Not to mention that adding new moves to your repertoire is excellent for you mind as well as your body.




Chocolate Milk: The post exercise re-booster


 Milk Photo-Smallest

24 April 2013 


The Sun not proving quite enough incentive to kick start your fitness regime? Well The MOOSE has a delicious post exercise recipe tip that is definitely enough incentive to get us moving!



Do you ever find yourself using incentives to get yourself to work-out.  I can’t tell you how many times I have managed to drag my-very reluctant-self to the gym by a much over-used lie.  It is a familiar story, I tell myself all I will have to do is a few minutes jogging on the treadmill, maybe attempt (and fail) a press-up or two, read some of my new favorite book on the cross-trainer, I won’t even break have to break a sweat. I lure myself over to that playground of physical delights with the faithful promise that after a relaxing, half-hearted workout I can have a complete spoiling session in a spa. I start to imagine lounging in the sauna, soaking my tired body in the Jacuzzi, and maybe even treating myself to a glass of red wine afterwards; everything my exhausted-post-work-self thinks it is craving. It always works. But more often that not I end up having an awesome workout and once I’m energized, sweating and completely pumped up by my exercise I skip the pampering altogether, replace the wine with juice and head off for a productive, fun and energetic evening! It’s a subconscious tactic, it’s an over used lie, but it works and I know I am going to keep fibbing my own psyche.


We have recently heard, however, of another incentive that is actually not a lie at all. A post work-out treat that is essential to maximizing the effects of that grueling conditioning. Chocolate Milk.  Studies have shown that it can be just as if not more effective then recovery drinks. It contains the carbohydrates, protein and sugars that your body needs to replenish itself after exercise. Furthermore the potassium, calcium and vitamin D are excellent for your body whether you have been active or not. 


Recovery drinks are often over-priced and the taste isn’t that much of an incentive to get you moving! Chocolate milk is cheap, delicious and the best bit is that it is exactly what your body needs straight after exercise.



Spring Fitness Tips...




3 April 2013


The sun has finally made an appearance! In the last post, we talked about the benefits of outdoors exercise, and now is the time to break away from that boring gym routine and reignite your motivation.

A spring fitness plan might be a challenge if you have been indoors for a few months and struggled to haul yourself off the couch. You have a better chance of reaching your fitness goals if you start slowly, choose enjoyable activities and increase your activity as your fitness level improves.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Be realistic. If you have taken a step back in your fitness regime over winter, don’t try and do an hour of cardio, six days a week. You’ll only get frustrated and will be more likely to give up on your routine. Set realistic goals that will build you up to your desired level of fitness.
  • Bring your regular gym workout outdoors. One fun way to freshen up your exercise routine is to take your typical workout outside. Treadmill runner? Hit the river path or park for your jog. Class regular? Look for outdoor classes in London Parks. Try to set a goal to take your workout outdoors at least once a week – a change of scenery will do wonders for your motivation.
  • Train and sign up for a race or an event. Spring is the ideal time to train for an event. There are a lot of summer events to take part in whether you’re a walker, runner, cyclist or looking for something even more challenging like the Tough Mudder. Adding positive goals to your fitness routine will give you an added reason to get fit besides losing weight, and it’s great fun and an accomplishment to complete a challenge.
  • Spring clean your pantry. Throw away foods with low nutritional value, like chocolate (yes, even that sixth Easter egg you’ve been hiding), chips, sugary cereals etc. Load up on low GI, healthy foods that will give you energy and help you stick to your workout routine and fitness goals.



Time to spring clean… your exercise routine!




13 March 2013


Outdoor exercise provides many benefits


It’s just about that time of year to dust ourselves off, emerge from our hibernation and stretch our limbs outdoors! Some of us may have been motivated enough to get to the gym over winter, and that’s admirable. But let’s face it – it’s so much more inspiring to be able to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on your skin when you’re working out.


And if you need any more convincing, there are loads of reasons why outdoor exercise is more beneficial to health than sweating it out in a crowded gym. Here are just a few:


  1. Mental health: Outdoor physical activity has a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than going to the gym. Researchers from Glasgow University found that walking, running, biking and other outdoor activities in green space lowered stress. Outdoor exercise has been associated with greater decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression when compared to indoor activity. Even just five minutes of exercise in a green space can improve mood and self-esteem.


  2. More energy: Exercise itself is sure to reinvigorate you when you're feeling sluggish, but fresh air can up the effect. Just 20 minutes outside can rev you up as much as a cup of coffee… and is far more beneficial.


  3. Higher Vitamin D Levels: After the winter, we could ALL use some more of this mood-boosting vitamin. It also plays an important role in improving how our bodies are able to fight off disease and infection. It may be especially helpful for people with a few pounds to lose, since overweight people are almost twice as likely to not get enough vitamin D.


  4. More activity: It has been observed that people who exercise outdoors are more likely to stick at it. The fresh air, the sunlight, the scenery and the open space all seem to inspire more activity. It’s simple - the more you enjoy your workout, the more likely you will be to do it again.


So now that the weather is getting warmer, put these benefits to the test. You’ll be happier and healthier for the effort!



Tips on catching better... zzzzzzz


Sleeping woman


27 February 2013


We are never short of excuses to justify our sluggish attempt at working out– too much drinking, too full, too hungry, too tired…the list goes on. But what’s the most common reason holding you back from having the best workout ever? A bad night’s sleep. 25% of the UK population suffers from some form of sleep disorder, which means there are quite a few sleepyheads out there not functioning to their full potential. We have a few tips this week which should help you get that great night’s sleep you’re in desperate need of.

1. Ban the use of laptops, phones, iPads and TV before bed.

This is something 99% of us are guilty of and it is a serious disrupter of sleep. The more our brains process images from our personal handheld devices the longer it will take for our brains to “switch off”. So make it a household rule – ban the use of all electronic devices one hour before bed. Not easy to do especially if you’re like us and constantly need to be working or doing something. If you are antsy before bed and need that extra something to do, then reading a book is a good alternative.

2. Schedule your sleep for the same time – every day.

We are great at scheduling meetings, hangout sessions and play dates with our kids; why can’t we schedule our sleep? This is a hard one to tackle every day, especially for busy professionals or people with young families – but it is key. And by “every day” we mean every day – weekends, holidays and days off inclusive. Make it a priority.

3. Go easy on the caffeine during the day and alcohol and night

Cup of coffee in the morning = not a problem.  Cup of coffee in the late-afternoon/evening = bad idea. Ingesting stimulants like coffee, sugar and alcohol should always be done in moderation, especially towards the late-afternoon/evening. And although alcohol does make you feel relaxed and sleepy, it can massively disrupt your sleep. So in the evening put down that nightcap and go for a small cup of caffeine-free herbal tea instead.

4. Get active during the day

You hear us preach this day-in and day-out but we do it because we love you: a proper exercise regime will do you wonders. Exercise helps in a variety of capacities, and can promote healthy sleep. But be strategic with what time you exercise – exercising too close to bedtime may leave you too energetic to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation can have terrible long-term effects on your body and mind, so make your sleep a priority. And always seek professional medical advice if your sleep issues continue.

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Benefits of Kickboxing for Women


Kickboxing woman


20 February 2013


Ladies, think kickboxing is too rough and un-ladylike? Think again! For women, kickboxing is the ultimate total-body workout.  It strengthens, tones and reduces fat – and all in one go.  Kickboxing also improves flexibility, coordination and gets your cardiovascular fitness levels in tip-top shape. Kickboxing quite literally kicks your butt into shape. There are plenty of reasons why both men and women should add kickboxing into their workout mix.  But today, ladies – this list is dedicated to you.

It’s the “Total Package” workout: 
Kickboxing engages the entire body, not just the usual target areas. This combination of martial arts techniques and heart-pounding, calorie-burning cardio will turn any “jiggly bits” into sculpted perfection.

One of the more well-known facts about kickboxing is that it can be used as a form of self-defence.  After a few classes you’ll gain confidence in your punching, kicking as well as bobbing and weaving skills. With the techniques you pick up from your kick boxing class you’ll be well-equipped and empowered knowing that you can defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

Promotes relaxation: 
Get that extra endorphin kick you’re in desperate need of with a kickboxing workout. Can you think of a better way to work though the day’s frustration than punching and kicking? We didn’t think so.

Works on your outside beauty – and as well as your beauty within! 
There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a challenging workout.  After a session of intense kickboxing working your entire body, you’re guaranteed to feel more confident which will help you truly appreciate the awesomeness of *you*.

Now, are you convinced this isn’t just for men?  So get off your rear and start kicking some serious behind.

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