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Boxing for women? For healthy spirit and a healthy body!

woman boxer in suit

5 June 2013


Lots of people think that boxing is exclusively reserved for strong and muscular men! Wrong! Nowadays more and more women box, and the Olympic Games of London in 2012 proved it by establishing the first female boxing event.


No longer is boxing considered purely a “fighting” sport.  In fact, it is a complete sport, which is good for the body as well as for the spirit. To feel beautiful women have to believe in their body and to love themselves! Boxing offers various benefits for women. For example, besides sculpting a toned body, boxing provides better balance, improved reflex speed and increased flexibility. Because boxing is one of the most physical sports, it burns 800 calories per hour, whereas swimming can hardly compete at 400 calories per hour! It is THE sport which works the entire body:  arms, legs, abs, bums, you name it! No muscle is spared. Moreover, boxing also strengthens the cardiovascular system; one builds endurance by constantly moving.


Aside from its physical benefits, boxing also has very positive effects on the mind. Boxing develops one’s self control and in turn yields more self-confidence.  It is an excellent means to learn to manage fear, stress or anxiety… not to mention the excellent outlet it provides for relieving that day’s tension and frustration.


Be good to your body.  Be good to your mind.  Give boxing a go.



HULA HOOPING...fun and effective?!?


8 May 2013


So we already spoke a little bit about the benefits of kickboxing for Ladies, and how it is definitely not an exercise that us girls should feel excluded from.  Aside from the stress busting and tension relieving aspect of literally punching away your daily problems, a main reason that kickboxing is such an incredible form of exercise for your body is because it forces you to use it differently. It brings a spiced up variety of moves into your exercise regime and ignites strength in places in your body that you didn’t even know existed!


Well the MOOSE has been doing a little digging and has found a number of other ways to mix up your workouts and reach those niggling target areas that keep stubbornly evading even your best efforts to tighten them up! Often it isn’t lack of effort or workouts that are holding you back from the body you want, it is just the lack of variety that allows your muscles to become lazy.  We are going to be talking about a few of these in the weeks to come: so watch this space. But for today, we are going to focus on a new craze that is sweeping the nation and rightly so because it is a fun, calming, energizing, therapeutic and toning masterpiece of a sport that some of the MOOSE family just cannot get enough of -HULA HOOPING!


Just like kickboxing is most certainly not only for boys, hooping is definitely not to be overlooked as just ‘for kids’. Hooping tones nearly every bit of your body and really cinches your waist. Not only does it work nearly every muscle in you’ve got, as it spins round your body the contact of the hoop is great for boosting circulation and actually increases your metabolism.


As if that wasn’t enough here are 6 reasons to get hooping now.


  1. Increases flexibility, especially in the back.  Due to the constant pivoting and small adjustment of the spine and surrounding muscles it hugely boosts the movement of your spine and reduces the chances of back pain and injury.
  2. Burns fat.  As hooping engages some of the biggest muscles in your body it activates the burning of large fat stores.
  3. It is fun. Really…it is seriously fun.  It doesn’t feel like exercise and definitely doesn’t feel like a chore, so it relieves stress and transforms your body in turn enhancing your mood and seriously boosting your energy levels without it feeling like an effort!!
  4. Increase your fitness level.  As it is easy for people of all fitness levels to do hooping is an amazing way to increase fitness. Studies have shown that an hour of hooping can burn just as many calories as a more intense aerobic exercise such as the treadmill.
  5. Total body workout.  Not only does it strengthen your core muscles but it also tones up your arms, thighs, glutes, hips and abdomen.
  6. It is individual.  Unlike other exercises where you follow strict patterns or routines, hooping becomes an individual and expressive activity. Not to mention that adding new moves to your repertoire is excellent for you mind as well as your body.