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And now a little light food for thought

Two of the toughest challenges in picking up an exercise routine are persistence and perseverance. Sound familiar?

We all know – and read everywhere, day in, day out – how good exercise can be for us. It does not just boost our mood (especially at this time of the year when eating and drinking seems to become the norm, along with watching rubbish on the telly) but it also strengthens our mental wellbeing. Exactly what the doctor would prescribe given the grey skies and the shorter periods of daylight.

Light deprivation during the winter months and its knock-on effects can have quite a debilitating effect on us all. Outdoor exercise, or ecotherapy as it is referred to in a wider context, can be as effective as antidepressants to counteract negative thoughts and anxiety. Unlike the gym or other enclosed environments, the great outdoors stimulates our senses. Such exposure to the colours, sounds and smells of nature can boost confidence and self-esteem, both of which are natural precursors to those two challenges mentioned at the start: persistence and perseverance.

Getting physically fit and achieving personal goals then follow on more easily.

At the MOOSE we believe in working with our clients to get the most from your training sessions. We keep it fun, friendly and fabulous. It’s a great opportunity to work out, enjoy some fresh air, laugh and have a break from family and work.

Even better – WE come to YOU! Very persistent and persevering.


High Intensity *what*?

You’ve probably heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

It involves short, brutal bursts of movement, brief rest periods and a lot of sweat.
MOOSE aficionados already know that it’s an effective way to build muscle mass and cut fat, but it also increases your baseline fitness fast!

Those ‘in the know’ will talk about Tabata training, which was devised by a Japanese professor – Izumi Tabata – based on a study of Olympic speed skaters. We won’t go into the details (because it involves lots of facts and figures and we are all way too busy to deal with that) but suffice to say that the results from Dr Tabata’s research showed that high intensity interval training has more impact on both the aerobic and anaerobic systems than other conventional exercise.

“Help! But what does that actually mean?” we hear you cry.

Worry no more, the MOOSE will distill the eight HIIT key elements for you:

  1. Efficient – HIIT is the ideal workout for a busy schedule, as it delivers maximum results in minimum time
  2. Burn more fat – intense exertion makes your body consume more calories after the workout, for up to 24 hours (yes, really!)
  3. Healthier heart – extreme training produces extreme results: making your heart work that bit harder means you are then able to do more (lengthier runs, longer bike rides) at the same pace
  4. No equipment – your body is an amazing thing, and it’s all you will need for an HIIT workout
  5. Lose weight, not muscle – the HIIT regime allows you to preserve hard-earned muscles while ensuring most weight loss comes from fat stores
  6. Increase metabolism – HIIT stimulates the production of your HGH (human growth hormone) which slows down the aging process, inside and out
  7. Do it anywhere – yes, just like it says on the box
  8. Challenging – no time for chit chat, reading a magazine, catching up on the news: HIIT demands your full attention to be effective, but the good news is that each session is short, sharp and seriously hard!

So, are you game to try HIIT out?

The MOOSE can tailor a program specific to your needs, within the timeframe you require, and – you guessed it – deliver it straight to your door.

No excuses accepted!



Tips on catching better... zzzzzzz


Sleeping woman


27 February 2013


We are never short of excuses to justify our sluggish attempt at working out– too much drinking, too full, too hungry, too tired…the list goes on. But what’s the most common reason holding you back from having the best workout ever? A bad night’s sleep. 25% of the UK population suffers from some form of sleep disorder, which means there are quite a few sleepyheads out there not functioning to their full potential. We have a few tips this week which should help you get that great night’s sleep you’re in desperate need of.

1. Ban the use of laptops, phones, iPads and TV before bed.

This is something 99% of us are guilty of and it is a serious disrupter of sleep. The more our brains process images from our personal handheld devices the longer it will take for our brains to “switch off”. So make it a household rule – ban the use of all electronic devices one hour before bed. Not easy to do especially if you’re like us and constantly need to be working or doing something. If you are antsy before bed and need that extra something to do, then reading a book is a good alternative.

2. Schedule your sleep for the same time – every day.

We are great at scheduling meetings, hangout sessions and play dates with our kids; why can’t we schedule our sleep? This is a hard one to tackle every day, especially for busy professionals or people with young families – but it is key. And by “every day” we mean every day – weekends, holidays and days off inclusive. Make it a priority.

3. Go easy on the caffeine during the day and alcohol and night

Cup of coffee in the morning = not a problem.  Cup of coffee in the late-afternoon/evening = bad idea. Ingesting stimulants like coffee, sugar and alcohol should always be done in moderation, especially towards the late-afternoon/evening. And although alcohol does make you feel relaxed and sleepy, it can massively disrupt your sleep. So in the evening put down that nightcap and go for a small cup of caffeine-free herbal tea instead.

4. Get active during the day

You hear us preach this day-in and day-out but we do it because we love you: a proper exercise regime will do you wonders. Exercise helps in a variety of capacities, and can promote healthy sleep. But be strategic with what time you exercise – exercising too close to bedtime may leave you too energetic to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation can have terrible long-term effects on your body and mind, so make your sleep a priority. And always seek professional medical advice if your sleep issues continue.

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Benefits of Kickboxing for Women


Kickboxing woman


20 February 2013


Ladies, think kickboxing is too rough and un-ladylike? Think again! For women, kickboxing is the ultimate total-body workout.  It strengthens, tones and reduces fat – and all in one go.  Kickboxing also improves flexibility, coordination and gets your cardiovascular fitness levels in tip-top shape. Kickboxing quite literally kicks your butt into shape. There are plenty of reasons why both men and women should add kickboxing into their workout mix.  But today, ladies – this list is dedicated to you.

It’s the “Total Package” workout: 
Kickboxing engages the entire body, not just the usual target areas. This combination of martial arts techniques and heart-pounding, calorie-burning cardio will turn any “jiggly bits” into sculpted perfection.

One of the more well-known facts about kickboxing is that it can be used as a form of self-defence.  After a few classes you’ll gain confidence in your punching, kicking as well as bobbing and weaving skills. With the techniques you pick up from your kick boxing class you’ll be well-equipped and empowered knowing that you can defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

Promotes relaxation: 
Get that extra endorphin kick you’re in desperate need of with a kickboxing workout. Can you think of a better way to work though the day’s frustration than punching and kicking? We didn’t think so.

Works on your outside beauty – and as well as your beauty within! 
There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a challenging workout.  After a session of intense kickboxing working your entire body, you’re guaranteed to feel more confident which will help you truly appreciate the awesomeness of *you*.

Now, are you convinced this isn’t just for men?  So get off your rear and start kicking some serious behind.

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The Buddy System


Workout couple


13 February 2013


With Valentine’s Day looming, have you noticed everyone and everything pairing-up these days?  We’re all about strong, independent people here at the MOOSE but sometimes we do think there is strength in numbers. Especially in winter, when we'd much rather be curled up underneath the duvet waiting for spring instead of working out and battling the elements outside. If you’re in need of that extra little shove to get you out and exercising, then a workout buddy is your solution. Here are a few reasons why you need a workout buddy in your life:

1. Time will fly by.

How is it our lives seem to speed past quicker than Usain Bolt but when it comes to working out, time...just....drags...? We guarantee if you exercise with a friend, your workout will whizz past you in a blink. And on a good day you won’t want to stop. 

2. You're less likely to bail.

Did work drag on longer than you were expecting? Or does a glass of wine with a friend have more appeal than a run to de-stress? It’s easy to reschedule again & again your own workout when our professional or personal lives gets in the way. But when someone else's workout depends on you, you will be less likely cancel or search for excuses.

3. Catch up on all the goss.

The social aspect of a workout buddy should be more than enough reason to get you out there and active!  We hardly get to spend enough time with our friends anyway, so why not swap your usual hang-outs for a run in Hyde Park?

Don’t get left sitting on the side lines alone!  Get up, get active and go find yourself a workout buddy.

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Make your Workout a Good Habit – Part Two


6 February 2013


Between our work, families and relationships we can come up with hundreds of reasons not to stick to our workout regimes. In the second and final part in our blog series we explore simple solutions and motivations to help you lose the excuses and get you active and moving around.

1. Find a workout buddy

We will explore this further in our next blog, but it’s worth giving a quick shout out to the beloved workout buddy. Our busy lives keep us away from the people we care about most; why not recruit one of them as a workout companion?  Gossip, joke and laugh together while helping each other reach your fitness goals. Matching workout outfits are optional.

2. Use it as a pick-me-up

Do you know what's a healthier alternative to those lattes you use to stay awake? A workout in the fresh air!  Breathing deeply and filling your lungs with fresh oxygen is an effective (and free!) way to give you an energy boost. If you make your workout a priority, you'll start craving a run instead of that morning latte or midday Kit Kat.

3. Treat yourself

Daily life put our minds through a lot of stress, disappointment and anxiety.  So come on, give yourself a break! Set realistic goals and once you achieve them, treat yourself.  Book flights to visit your friend in Barcelona, go on a mini shopping spree in Sweaty Betty or top up your account with 20 tokens to train with the MOOSE.  Achieve your goals = reward.  Easy.

SO. Feel ready to give this whole workout routine a go? Stick to our advice and trust us, your body and mind will LOVE YOU.

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Make your Workout a Good Habit – Part One


30 January 2013


Broken New Year’s resolutions got you down? Need a little motivation to help you get focused back on your 2013 workout goals? That makes you and everyone else. The hardest part of exercising is making it to the first 0.01 seconds of the start of each workout. Lucky for you, we have a two-part blog series which will help make your workout one of the few remaining good habits you have left (ha!).

1: Write it down

Got big ideas on what you want to achieve this year but feel a bit overwhelmed?  Write it down!  Writing a plan will help you see the big picture and also help you set realistic goals. That way you can assess what's achievable and what's not.  

Goal 1: Workout minimum three times a week
Goal 2: Run an eight minute mile
Goal 3. Qualify for the 2014 Team GB women's speed skating team.

2. Prioritise

First eat breakfast, then get ready, then go to work. We can manage that five times a week, why can't we stick to our workout plans? Perhaps you can push "work out" to the front of your schedule for you early birds, or block of 1-2pm in your calendar and disappear from your desk with your trainers over your lunch break. Timing is everything here so be strategic AND realistic about your schedule; only you can determine what times work best for you.

3. Mix it up

A variety of activities will not only keep you interested and excited about your workout, but it's essential to keep up with our changing schedules. Work near a yoga centre and know you're going to be stuck in a boring meeting until 7pm tomorrow?  Throw your yoga gear in your bag before work and pop down to the 7.30pm class.  Not meeting your friend until later but too bored with work to hang around? Go for a quick run in the city before meeting up. Try a few different activities a week  like Pilates, cycling, swimming  and see if that doesn't keep you interested and at a loss for excuses.

Sounds pretty easy, right?  So your mission this week: dust off your trainers and put these tips to the test!


The MOOSE Beach Workout

 24 July 2013


You’ve worked hard all year.  You’re exhausted!  Basking in the sun on a sandy beach with glittering blue water sounds pretty perfect….until you get there.  And then you’re bored.  Right?  Here are 10 simple exercises to get you feeling fit and looking fab… and entertained.  Come on now, earn that ice cold beer you are craving for lunch.


1. Warm Up Run:  Start with a 25 minute run along the water’s edge where the sand is more compact. This is not easy, so cut it down to 10 minutes if you’ve reached your limit.  And, remember to stay hydrated!


Run on the Sand

2. Sumo Squats: 
Standing up straight, head up, shoulders back, legs wide apart, slowly squat down until your knees are just over your big toe. At this point slowly come up to starting position. 14 reps.


Sumo Squats


3. Press-ups: Feet on the ground with your hands on the second step. Keeping your abs tight and head down, slowly bend your elbows until you are two inches from the ground. Then slowly pressup into starting position. 14 reps.  


Press Ups on Steps


4. Step-ups: Find a bench. Place your left foot on the bench while your head is held up and shoulders are back. While you are lifting your body up to the forward (left) leg, the back (right) leg will lift up into a knee raise. Slowly lower your right foot back to the ground, switch and repeat on the opposite leg. 10 reps on each leg.

Step Ups


5. Walking Lunges: Take a long stride forward with your left leg; at the same time slowly bend your right leg until the right knee is about to overtake the left knee. At this point take a long stride forward with your right leg and repeat the exercise (in a walking motion). 10 strides.

Tricep Dips


6. Triceps Dips: Hands are placed on the bench, shoulder width apart, legs are placed forward with the knee bent. Lower yourself down, keeping your elbows tucked in until your glutes are five inches from the ground. At this point slowly lift yourself back up into starting position. 12 reps.

Triceps dips


7. Plank: Facing face down, keeping your elbows under the shoulder joint, lift your body up from the elbow to the tip of your toes. Every other part of your body is off the floor, keeping the abs tucked in nice and tight and your head in a neutral position. Hold this position for 45 seconds and slowly relax back to flat floor position. 45 seconds.



8. V Sit Up: Laying back down with your whole body flat, slowly lift your legs off the floor and then the upper body until you form a V-shape in this position. Slowly lower your body back to flat position. PLEASE NOTE: if you have a weak lower back, please miss this out. 12 reps.

V Sits


9. Crunch: Laying flat down on your back, with your knees bent and feet on the floor, place your hands crossed over your chest and slowly lift up five inches from the ground. Slowly lower your body back to the floor. 20 reps.



10. Rest and repeat all exercises again.


Do all the exercises in a circuit format; so you do one set of each exercise, then repeat two more times. Try it three to four times per week, always warm up before you start and stretch after each workout. Just think how you’ll be the envy of all of your friends when you return to work – relaxed, tanned, AND trim!


Detox it out


16 January 2013


January is diet and detox month for many people. After the good times of Christmas and New Year, palates are jaded, digestion is sluggish and skinny jeans don’t look so skinny when on. Some give up alcohol and this year there’s been a big push to turn January into a month long ‘Dryathon’. No booze for a month and raise money for charity at the same time! Are you currently in the process of going dry? We like the idea of giving our liver a rest and have done our bit, but a whole MONTH? We do love our pinot...


For others, a full-on detox of your diet can turn into a round of tinctures and herbs from the health food shop while sales of juicers increase as people contemplate 5 day juice fasts. Of the latter, we’re not convinced. Upping fruit and veg intake is excellent, but trying to work and manage a busy life is not easy without the energy that comes from proper meals, and is more of a short term ‘fix’ for something that should be a long-term lifestyle change. No real food for X-amount of days?! The thought of living on just carrot juice suddenly makes the Dryathon option a lot more tempting.


Generally, most forms of denial or extreme modification to our day to day lives usually lead to tears and desperate cravings for black forest gateau. The safest option is to keep on working out and limiting the takeaways to once month or so. Just keep using that juicer, and don’t exile it to the back of the kitchen cupboard come February. It’s a modification that definitely tastes good with the right fruit.


THE MOOSETTE: It’s not over until the fat lady sings!

10 January 2013
Marianna AKA The MoosetteAhhhhh the end of an era! I have completed my 15 sessions with the MOOSE and I've got to say -  What a journey it’s been! There have been some highs, lows and loads of things in between. It's been worth it though and I have the measurements to prove it!! Check them out:


My vital stats - AFTER (Taken on January 4th 2013):


Weight - 69kg
Bust - 39in
Waist – 31.5in
Hips - 42in
Arms – 11.5in
Thighs - 23in


Considering, the time, amount of sessions and the long Christmas break in between, I would say that my overall progress has been very good. My fitness levels, general well-being and head space have taken a dramatic turn for the better. I feel that the regime fulfilled my wish list as I’ve seen a substantial difference in my core strength, my energy levels are up, my limbs are more defined and I've gone from thunder thigh to slender thigh. My bum has finally reduced in size and I would say that I am generally looking fitter, feeling healthier and more motivated which is quite unusual for me at this time of the year.


The one thing that I was lacking the most and coincidently struggling with was a structure to my fitness regime. Before I started working out with the MOOSE I would only randomly go to the gym or have a short burst and work out like crazy for a week doing the same repetitive exercises and then stop going for a month. The MOOSE put me on a realistic fitness schedule complemented by a diverse range of exercises that didn't take over my life and felt like fun rather than an annoying chore. Above all, I had the flexibility to choose the time that I wanted to work out, so the MOOSE was working around my lifestyle not the other way around. Moreover, I had the opportunity to spend much more time outdoors, which I would normally never do at this time of the year. It is also worth mentioning that the online booking system is user friendly and it only takes a few minutes to book a session, What I like most about it is that you get a follow-up email confirming your session and later a reminder email so there is no way of you forgetting to come to your workout. As running is not my forte, I probably enjoyed the running class the least but having said that I thought I would hate it, however when the class ended I was surprised how unfazed I was by all the running I did, so I'll definitely be giving that another go on a later date.


I have to say I liked the PT and GT both equally and I liked mixing the two. I was happy to do two personal training sessions a week so I could have the trainer focusing only on me but I quite liked the social aspect on the GT. I met some lovely people during these classes and I was able to get my friends involved and come long which was great! I also liked having the option of training in the park and at home. I tended to train at home if I had to do a session in the evenings or if it was particularly cold or raining. What I wasn't expecting was that I was going to be quite partial to the outdoor workout sessions. I liked doing these in the mornings and when the weather was crisp, these outdoor sessions did wonders for my mind and energy levels.


Throughout the Moosette challenge, I liked to think of me and my trainers as a team working together to achieve a common goal - that was to get me looking and feeling great! I am generally a self-motivated and committed person by nature, however, at times even the most motivated of us need that extra push and the trainers where always on hand to do just that.


I have no doubt that this is as much a goodbye as a ‘bring on the next challenge’. I have no intention of putting my pink trainers in the corner just yet! As soon as I get back from Thailand I would like to continue working out with the MOOSE as the overall benefits far outweigh any pathetic excuses one might come up with.


On a final note I would like to take this opportunity to mention a cause that is very close to my heart, namely my health. Fortunately, it is back on track and I am fighting fit! A massive contributor to my recovery process has been all the exercise I have been doing with the MOOSE amongst other things. As I mentioned in my initial post, I live with Ulcerative Colitis and unfortunately I had experienced a flare up back in October which left me feeling very low physically and emotionally. One of the things that have motivated me the most throughout my journey with the MOOSE team have been my fellow UC suffers. I joined a UC support page and realised that other people with my illness were suffering so much more than I was. Some were even constantly in and out of hospitals. So, when the MOOSE made me run or do a rep of a really hard exercise and I felt like I couldn't do it anymore what motivated me was doing it not for myself but for all of my UC FB friends. I ran, jumped, skipped, squatted, lunged, planked, sat up and pushed up for all of those UC sufferers who are too sick to do it for themselves.


If you’ve been inspired by my experience, try out the MOOSE! The Moosette discount code is still available until 31st January 2013. Enter MOOSETTE at the online scheduler and payment system for 15% off all training sessions.