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It's a simple concept. If your employees enjoy working out, they'll stick to it. If they maintain a fitness regime, they'll start to look and feel better, and their self-confidence will improve. Healthy employees will feel empowered to challenge themselves and to strive for higher levels of achievement in the workplace. Motivated employees are productive employees, and better employees generate greater returns.

Improving employee health is good for business... in the short term and the long term.





Schedule some fun in the sun today!

You asked - we listened.  Yes, the MOOSE is now offering a Summer Sports Day!  It’s the perfect opportunity to relive the best of your school years without having to suffer through all the boring bits like homework and pimples.  It’s perfect for a company team building event, and let’s face it, way better than sitting at your desk.  And, heck, if you want to bring some, um, “refreshing” beverages to quench your thirst, we won’t tell…

What can you look forward to?

·         Tug of War
·         Giant Sack Race
·         Relay Batons
·         Giant Swiss Ball Game
·         Three Legged Race
·         Team Obstacle Course
·         Egg and Spoon Race

We’ve even come up with a unique scoring system to reward individual effort and team performance, and of course, there will be prizes for the champions.

Most importantly, the MOOSE himself will be the Master of Events to ensure fun is had by all.  He will motivate even the weakest link to step it up all while entertaining the group with his characteristic wit and charm.  There’s no better way to create long lasting team bonds and reinforce team spirit than through fitness and laughter.

A MOOSE Sports Day lasts for 4 hours.  £450


Did you know?

icon_logo The average worker has 10 unscheduled days off work per year and absenteeism costs the UK a staggering £32bn each year!

icon_logo The cost of absence has increased to £666 per employee per year.

icon_logo Research estimates that exercise can reduce absenteeism by 23.5% and staff turnover by 16%.




icon_logo Employees in good health are three times more productive than employees in poor health.

icon_logo Employees that exercise on a daily basis are more alert during work hours and they are less likely to get tired during the work day.

icon_logo Healthy employees are able to concentrate more on their jobs and make 60% fewer errors than employees in poor health.

Option 1: Freestyle


Stressed emplyees are less productive, and their negativity affects those around them. THe FREESTYLE option allows your employees to create their own fitness regime by mixing and matching the various options Moose X-Training regularly offers. The company purchases (or subsidises the purchase of) tokens; the employee chooses which type of workout he/she prefers. By encouraging employees to embrace fitness, the company proactively creates a healthier and happier team.




 Option 2: Teambuilder


Working out as a team builds teamwork and morale. It also improves relations and communication amongst team members. The TEAMBUILDER option is a private group session led by a personal trainer, customised to your company's needs and objectives. The team agrees the time and place, whether outdoors or indoors, and the chosen trainer will put together a fitness regime that's both challenging and fun!





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