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Auto Top-Up (monthly)

Ideal for the MOOSE aficionados who know how often, how hard and how much they want to work out every week - the auto top-up monthly payment packages take the hassle away from having to fret about scheduling and payment renewals. Maximum simplicity, sessions are valid for up to 3 months from time of purchase.

1 session / week
(4 sessions / month)
2 sessions / week
(8 sessions / month)
3 sessions / week
(12 sessions / month)

4 sessions / week
(16 sessions / month)

And for those of you on a tighter budget, a very special offer:

1 session / month

Or two!

2 sessions / month

Self Top-Up


 MOOSE Tokens

Want the MOOSE convenience but not sure what your schedule looks like from one week to the next? The Self Top-Up option is for you then: buy the tokens and use them as and when you work out. Maximum flexibility, tokens are valid for up to 6 months from time of purchase.






pay-with-gc-small 1   £11.00  
10   £110.00  
25   £265.00  4%
50   £505.00 9%
100   £955.00 15%


Intro Offers

 We all deserve a special treat at least once, and the MOOSE has some super duper deals to tempt you!

Taster: Personal Training for only £25!* 

Never had a Personal Trainer and want to know what the fuss is all about? Or would you just like to do a trial run without an upfront commitment? Then try our 30 minute Taster Session - just £25 for a PT class when and where you want it. 

Your account will be credited with MOOSE tokens within 12 hours so you can book your session!

"Kids' fitness intro" Offer:  £135***

Keen to get your child(ren) started on the path to a life of good health and fitness? Want them to be able to give you a run for your money on the bike or on the athletics track? Are they bouncing off the ceiling with unspent energy or spending too much time playing computer games?

Now is the time to help your beloved child develop the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits of fitness are not only physiological... the psychological advantages are arguably even more important!  In addition to improved fitness on the inside, exercise contributes to a better physique on the outside.  Feeling fit and looking fab builds self-esteem.  Achieving goals and working on oneself leads to self-confidence.  And that's not even taking into account the natural high endorphins provide!

With many years of experience training both girls and boys of various ages, the MOOSE is especially sensitive to the needs and vulnerabilities of children.  Why not let him help you?  Confidentiality will be strictly observed.  A private session with a 1-to-1 focus, in the comfort and safety of your chosen meeting spot, may just work wonders.  What have you got to lose? 

The MOOSE is offering the following introductory deal for under 18s:

  • 3 PT sessions
  • Sessions can take place at your home/office/park/school
  • Sessions can be booked with any MOOSE trainer
  • Maximum 2 children per session
  • Sessions must be used during 1 calendar month ("use it or lose it") - 1st booked session activates the calendar month
  • Ages 18 and under only please!
  • Offer valid only once per client - regular pricing applies thereafter

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jumping moose
We have a variety of fitness options suitable for children of all ages:

click here for more details! 


"New Baby, New Body" 
Postnatal Package:  £599****

You're thrilled with your new bundle of joy, but are you feeling a little less joyful about your body?  Are you suffering from low energy, weakened strength, lots of fatigue, and - YIKES - excess fat?  Psychologically, are you yearning to regain some sense of routine, not to mention some semblance of your old self? Don't despair... the MOOSE has an extra special Postnatal Programme designed to get you back to your pre-baby weight and fitness level... a new body quickly and safely! 

Nick, our Master Trainer, has pre and postnatal certification, and he's rearing to get you ladies feeling fit and looking fab again - noone deserves it more.  So, what does he have in mind?

12 session programme (2 sessions per week, for 6 weeks) 

PT sessions when you want them, where you want them... either in the comfort of your home or at a park nearby... no need to get a sitter or leave your precious one at a gym creche... you can bring baby along to the park... or invite a fellow new mum to join you at no extra charge!
Bespoke regime calibrated for each mum's individual objectives and weaknesses, with special consideration for the delivery she experienced

3 stages
  • Ease back into exercise with attention to flexibility, core stability (particularly in the region of the pelvic floor), and abdominal/upper body strength
  • Build up endurance and introduce cardio
  • Focus on fat burn

New mums only please!

Your account will be credited with MOOSE tokens within 12 hours so you can book your sessions!



"Get Fit for Your Holiday FAST" Package:  £749*****

Are grey skies and single digit temperatures bumming you out? Have you already booked your beach getaway... maybe you've even started shopping for this season's resort wear? Or, are you the active sort, someone who can't wait to get on the mountain? Either way - beach bunny or ski bunny - make sure you're ready to hit the slopes or relax by the pool. To get you feeling fit and looking fab FAST, we are offering an intensive programme: 

  • 4 PT sessions/week x 4 weeks  

Your account will be credited with MOOSE tokens within 12 hours so you can book your session!

... or available in the mini version as well... if you are really in a hurry!

"Get Fit for Your Holiday FAST" Mini Package:  £399*****

  • 4 PT sessions/week x 2 weeks


Your account will be credited with MOOSE tokens within 12 hours so you can book your session!


Healthy Habits

Detox & Nutrition

Feeling tired? Running low on energy? Trying to kick-start a healthy eating regime but somehow lacking the guidance and direction?

Procrastinate no longer!

We have a qualified and experienced nutritionist who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and well-being sectors.
Stephanie is available to MOOSE clients to provide tailored plans that take into account your lifestyle, your physical and mental state of mind, and your day-to-day routines.

The MOOSE detox and nutrition package comprises the following:

  • Initial 20 minute consultation via phone/Skype
  • Personal tailored detox and nutrition plan via email
  • Follow-up chat via phone/Skype with feedback on diet and plan (30 minutes)
  • 5 x weekly follow-ups (15 minutes phone/Skype plus emailed comments) 

Total 10  MOOSE tokens *

You must complete and submit a confidential Health Questionnaire before booking - click here for the form


* extra 2 MOOSE token surcharge for any face-to-face session

Get your health into shape!

Are you energized about getting into shape, committed to being fit, rearing to work out but also needing just a little bit of specialised direction from a personal trainer?
Do you want that PT to know what it means to have diabetes without having to explain the difference between Type 1 and Type 2?
Do you want them to understand what an asthmatic can and cannot do, to be aware of the warning signs of a pending attack… and know what to do about it?

The same goes for hypertension, osteoporosis, depression, obesity, lower back pain, chronic pulmonary disease, arthritis, you name it!

Or maybe you just have some anxiety about embarking on this next stage of your new "fit and fab” self?

Is all that stress generating excess cortisol - which is doing you no favours, by the way - and adding to those extra few pounds that just won’t budge from your waistline?

The MOOSE and his team of professionals qualified in health referral (that’s the official way to say 'trained in medical conditions and preparing exercise regimes to accommodate those medical conditions') are only a click away. Regular exercise helps to increase self-esteem, improve moods, even sleep better… not to mention, it gives you one more reason to smile when you look in the mirror.

What are you waiting for?

5 sessions for £350  pay-with-gc-small

10 sessions for £650  

Contact for more details or any queries. 

You must complete and submit a confidential Health Questionnaire before booking - click here for the form


Knock Out Smoking!

Time to cease being a Fag Ash Lil or a Nicotine Ned?
Sick of all the promises that fail to deliver the goods?
Need something to keep you genuinely engaged so you don't reach for the ciggies out of despair?
Ready to go twelve rounds to knock this out?

At MOOSE we know it takes huge willpower to quit a bad habit, but we have a package that will definitely pay dividends - to your health, your fitness AND your pocket!
The MOOSE has a solution and the perfect offer to help! 
  • A knock out program of boxing training to put you through your paces
  • A cardio and strength workout to keep any weight gain in check
  • A professional course of punches to help relieve any stress

And here's how with our 3-step knock-out deal:

  1. a 12 week boxing program (individual PT Session 1x per week) worth £600
  2. unlimited 'Box with the MOOSE' Group Classes during the 12 week program, worth £240
  3. Diet Guide worth £50

All this for only £750!
Quit with a friend for only £50 more (that's right - same deal, but for two of you to spar it out together)!

And if that does not grab you, then let's put it into perspective: a smoking habit costs a pack-a-day smoker £756 for 12 weeks.
Invest that money wisely into fitness instead, and you will feel better, look better, even smell better (except for after a class, of course).
Who needs New Year resolutions when you can make this your summer fitness goal?

Don't wait any longer - this offer's the MOOSEst (non-smoking) hot you'll find anywhere!

Contact for more details or any queries. 

You must complete and submit a confidential Health Questionnaire before booking - click here for the form


Intro Offers T&Cs

* “Taster" Offer only available to new clients; only 1 “Taster" Offer per client permitted.  

*** "Kids' Fitness Intro" Offer available to new and existing clients but ONLY to children/teens aged 18 and below.  One "Kids' Fitness Intro" Offer per client permitted.

**** "New Baby, New Body" Package available to new and existing clients but ONLY to new mums.  One "New Baby, New Body" Package per client permitted.

***** “Get Fit for Your Holiday FAST” Package available to new and existing clients.  Repeat and multiple purchases are permitted.  This is a "Use It or Lose It" Package.  Allocated PT sessions not used during each designated week will expire; allocated PT sessions are not cumulative during the life of the package.

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