The MOOSE "How-To"  





Are you confused? Do you need a step-by-step guide to getting your sessions booked in?

Look no further.  




1) Register and complete the compulsory Health Form


Firstly, REGISTER before you book a MOOSE session. You cannot book a session without doing this and we need to create a MOOSE account for you! There is also a very swanky 'book now' registration button on the homepage (top left-hand corner). 
Please also complete the confidential health questionnaire online - you only need to do this once.


2) Buy an Auto Top-Up Package, a purse of MOOSE Tokens or an Intro Offer


The next step is to choose what package suits your needs best. You can see our packages, applicable discounts and how to purchase tokens by clicking here. Once you have made your purchase, this will appear under your account

Intro Offers are just that: introductory. They have a set cost and allocated number of sessions and can be purchased once only per client, unless otherwise specified.
All details and latest deals are listed here.


3) Choose and Book Session Type

Log in to your account.

  • Click on “Intro Offers” or "MOOSE Tokens" or "Auto Top-Up Sessions" (depending on what you have purchased)
  • Choose a session type
  • Choose a trainer (unless already specified)
  • Choose a day and time (and whether it’s a one-off or recurring appointment)
  • Book it

If your preferred time isn’t coming up – that means it’s unavailable. Choose another time or write to to make a special request.  Special requests will be booked as "VIP" sessions with Nick, our Master Trainer, for 7 tokens each.


4) Confirmation


You'll get a confirmation email with details of your session/s.


Easy :-)



Here's how tokens work - use them as you please!


icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo  

PT Session with Nick = 6 / 7 tokens
PT Session with Patricia / Greg / Sammy = 6 tokens

icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo


icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo 


PT Session with Michael / Ben / Sylwia / Chris / Melanie / Constanza = 5 tokens

PT Session with Ant / Elyas / Lisa = 4 tokens

icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo icon_logo  Consultation with Stephanie = 5 tokens




Hybrid Instructions


Send an email to with the following information:


  • Name of your group (e.g. Chloe’s Bridesmaids)
  • The number of people in your group (Minimum of 5)
  • How often you’d like to do the class (e.g. once a week for 12 weeks, starting on xxx)
  • The time and place (e.g. Saturday, 10am, at Hyde Park OR 46 Queen Anne St, Flat 3, W1G 8HQ)
  • Choose a personal trainer (e.g. Nick or a mix of trainers)


We’ll set it up for you and email confirmation.