Wedding Packages  




At long last, he popped the question.  You’ve finally agreed on the big date.  You’ve chosen the venue, and you’ve sent the invitations.  You’ve even picked out the bouquet.  Everything is seemingly under control.  But, YIKES!  Have you gotten your body ready?  Will the dress fit?  Those photos…you know the ones that cost a fortune… are meant to last forever... uh-oh.  There’s no quick fix – fad diets are not the answer – but there is a solution.  You’ll get the results, the MOOSE will make sure of it.  Moose X-Training will have you losing weight, feeling fit and looking fab in a jiffy, and you’ll even have fun! 




Brides Package:


Perfect for the bride who wants to work out with a loved one… or not.* Personal training is the way to go; fitness where you want it, when you want it.  After all, a bride has a wedding to plan.  Who’s got time for the gym!?!




1-4 weeks to go...


OMG, my dress still doesn’t fit!


icon_logo 70 min


icon_logo 3x / week


icon_logo £195 / week





5-8 weeks to go...


The dress will fit, but will the bikini?


icon_logo 50 min


icon_logo 3x / week


icon_logo £140 / week




9-12 weeks to go...


I deserve to look perfect, I plan ahead.


icon_logo 50 min


icon_logo 2x / week


icon_logo £90 / week




* Bring your fiancé, your sister, your best friend, your maid of honour, your mom… anyone you like… heck, bring your dog.  The price is the same.  At Moose X-Training, we’re all about sharing the fitness experience or be selfish… we’ll back you up either way!  BUT, keep in mind, we apply "use it or lose it" methodology to these packages. Allocated PT sessions not used during each designated week will expire; allocated PT sessions are not cumulative for multiple week purchases.




Bridesmaids Package:


Perfect for 4 or more bridesmaids who also want to feel fit and to look fab on the big day.  The convenience of personal training for the price of a group session, 1 token only! Send a note to for details.




ATTENTION BRIDES We’ve got a special offer for you.  Want the best of both worlds?  Want the personal attention plus some of the camaraderie of working out with your favourite girlfriends?  We hear ya…. it’s your big day – you deserve it!  So, here’s the deal:  purchase a Brides Package and get 20% off any token package so that you can also join the Bridesmaids workouts.  That way, you can have your cake and eat it… well kind of...



Email or call 020 8874 7875 for details and to sign up.